After a weekend at Gettysburg, this song is the only thing that I have in my head.  Literally, most of my brain cells are gone after a weekend long binge of drinking and running around campus and fratting incessantly and not sleeping.

The below photo sums up the weekend pretty well.  Jock Jams always turns into an interesting evening.

But when I got home, I was thinking about the weekend and it was really the first time since graduation that I decided that I am actually okay with the fact that I am no longer in college.  It was a great weekend and wonderful to see my friends, but I realized that I’m not in college anymore and I don’t need to be.  I will always relish the ability to go back to Gettysburg, the place I called home for four years, but I also am glad that I am in a new stage of my life now.  I am really enjoying AmeriCorps*VISTA and am really excited to get to law school (wherever that may be…) and get my JD!

But for now, because I love LISTS, I’m going to name the top 10 things about Gettysburg that I love:

1. Bullet Sandwiches – I had a Bagel Sandwich, with chicken salad, provolone cheese, toasted, with honey mustard and roasted red peppers while I was there.  It was the greatest thing I have eaten in a long time.
2. My friends – Obviously.  No explanation needed.
3. Frat Life – Dancing in a hot, sweaty, basement in skanky dresses or in spandex and a jersey.  Beer or garbage can juice in hand, raging so hard you don’t even notice who is making out around you.  Ah, that’s the life.
4. Post-Frat Life – There is nothing so satisfying as waking up on a Sunday morning barely able to move because you raged so hard the night before.  Slowly making it to the common area to flip on the tv and wait for your roommates to wake up as well so you can all recount the adventures from the night before.  If you get up early enough, you may even catch a “friend” leaving the house in the wee hours of the morning.  I miss this.
5. LDs – Lincoln’s Diner.  24 Hours.  Done.
6. Mammas – The dirtiest bar in all of Adams County, PA?  Probably.  Does that mean that we didn’t flock to it every single Tuesday and Thursday?  Nope.  It was the mecca for all 21 and over at Gettysburg.  Sometimes the Mt. St. Mary’s kids would try to invade our space, but we showed them who really knows how to have a good time.
7. Pitchers – $3 pitchers of Natty Light.  What else could a college student ask for?  Talking with all your friends and getting yelled at by the bartender to not play drinking games because they were “illegal” and sharing the dirt on everything with everyone.  Standard Gettysburg.
8. SO Small – The underground motto of Gettysburg was “What happens in Gettysburg, everyone knows”.  Everyone knew everything about everyone.  It was great, unless it was about you.  And remember that random hookup you had last semester.  You can bet that you will have a class with that person next semester.  And you will sit next to them.  Or you will pass them every day on your way to class.  And on your way home.  Every single day.
9. Do. Great. Work. – Actual motto of Gettysburg.  We adapted it to mean, “get some” or “GET IT” or some other version of “please makeout and more tonight.”
10. Mussleman Library – Seriously.  The first floor was one of the liveliest spots on campus.  If I ever needed a break from studying or writing my 4th paper of the week, I would just head on down to the first floor to find all my friends and strike up conversation about nothing.

So I guess the moral is, I really do miss Gettysburg, but I have decided that it was a great place, but I’ve moved on to a new place in life.  That doesn’t mean I can’t go back to Gettysburg and relive college for a weekend, but it does mean that I have matured and have learned something about myself.