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I’m really enjoying bringing out my inner hippie by working for AmeriCorps and helping eliminate poverty in Racine and Kenosha Counties of Wisconsin!  The commute kinda sucks, but that’s ok because next week I get to have lunch with Robert Egger!  Robert Egger is the founder of DC Central Kitchens.  For those of you who don’t know what DC Central Kitchen is check this out: www.dccentralkitchen.org

Its a really great idea where food is re-purposed in order to feed over 4500 people a day!  They also have a job training program that lets former drug addicts, alcoholics, felons, etc learn the job skills required to apply for, accept, and maintain a job in the food service industry thus allowing them to save some money, buy a car, buy a house, feed themselves, and in turn turning the whole economy around one small step at a time!  Anyways, Robert Egger founded DCCK and hundreds of other “community kitchens” have sprung up around the country thus helping thousands, maybe even millions of people all over the country.  He also started the “Campus Kitchens” that have developed all over the country at over 30 high schools and colleges, including GETTYSBURG COLLEGE!  Yay!  While I was there, I can’t say I was heavily involved with Campus Kitchens but I did volunteer there more than once and had a great time with it!

And now I get to have lunch with Robert Egger because he is the keynote speaker at The UW-Parkside Nonprofit Leadership Conference on Monday! (http://www.uwp.edu/departments/community.partnerships/NPD/documents/2011NonprofitLeadershipConference.pdf)

Its gonna be great!  He is speaking about giving a voice to nonprofits in Wisconsin and I’m SO excited.  I have been reading his blog all day (because I was not super busy at work today) and he’s just such a cool person.  I wanna be his best friend!  Check it out at www.robertegger.org

You will wanna be his best friend after you watch this too!

Right?  Don’t you wanna be friends with him? I do.