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Obviously for most people, Summer is their favorite season.  I get it.  No school, warm weather, the beach.  But I really really like fall.  Its still warm enough to not wear a winter coat, but its cool enough to wear boots, sweaters, scarves, and cute hats.  Seriously, how cute are fall clothes?  And anyone who has ever been in my room knows I have mores scarves than any one person should ever own.  Its fine.  So for my list today, I bring you “Reasons I love Fall” –

1.  Pumpkin Spice Lattes – If you have never had a Pumpkin Spice Latte, I would recommend Starbucks’s first.  Its just a little better than Caribou’s, even though I generally like Caribou’s coffee better.  Starbucks’s syrup is just a tad better.  But either way it is euphoria in your mouth.  Even if its a warm, fall day out, getting an Iced Pumpkin Spice is good.  I die a little inside every year when they go away.

2. Pumpkins and Gourds – They just look so festive and fall-like out on people’s porches and on counters.  There is this great store in Gettysburg that my mother and I refer to as “The Gourd Store” but neither of us have any idea what the actual names is.  Anyways, they have these really cool fake gourds that are just so pretty and so festive!  I love them.

They look similar to these, but they aren't birdfeeders

3. Fall food – Butternut squash soup, pumpkin bread, pumpkin pie, pumpkin pancakes (are you seeing the theme here…).  They are all amazing!  My mother makes the best butternut squash soup ever.  I brought some for lunch at work the other day and was devastated when a wasp dived in and went for a little swim in my soup.  I really don’t like bees and it ruined my soup and I almost cried.  That’s how much I like my mom’s soup. And who doesn’t like pumpkin foods?  So delicious.  And the best part is you can even roast the seeds and have a delicious snack while you wait for whatever you just made to be ready!  YUM.

EDIT: I was just stumbling around and discovered my heaven: Pumpkin Roundup I’m dying. I want to make them ALL.

4. Scarves -I have always liked scarves but after spending a semester living in France, I LOVE scarves.  Seriously, I own way too many.  I have blue ones, white ones, brown ones, warm ones, inbetween ones, solid colored ones, and paisley ones.  I had to buy a second scarf hanger because they didn’t all fit on the one I had. They are just so fun.  You can wear them all sorts of ways.


They are just so fun!  You can wear them for warmth and comfort and fashion!  My collection just grows and grows with each new year!  Everytime I travel I get a scarf from where ever I happen to be because every country has their own style of scarves.  French scarves, Italian scarves, German scarves, American Scarves, etc.

5. Sweaters – cuddling up in a big, comfy sweater?  So great.  Sweaters are so fun because they are warm and comfortable and you can dress them up with some nice jeans and heels or you can throw on some leggings and boots and call it a day!  And even better…you can wear a scarf with sweaters!  Perfect combination!

6. Football Season – For me, Fall and Football are synonymous.  College football is fun and everything, but NFL is where its at.  Da Bears.  I really really like Chicago sports and after having too many heartbreaks over The Cubs, I decided a few years back that football is just more exciting than baseball.  Don’t get me wrong, I still love the Cubs and forever will, but if you asked me my favorite Chicago pro sports team, that’s the Bears.  Sometimes I get a little too emotional about the Bears (just ask Courtney, who sat with me and watched the Bears lose to the Packers in last years playoffs.  I was an emotional wreck.)  But its ok because football is always fun and whats a better way to end a weekend than football and beer?  Nothing.  That’s what I thought.

A Beautiful Sight (Side note: I met Brian Urlacher twice. Once he came into Barnes and Noble and bought a magazine with his face on the cover and one time I saw him eat TWO Chipolte Burritos.)

7. Halloween – Last year my roommates and me went as Glow Sticks.  Then I went as Natty Light.  (See below) When else do you get to dress as a chemically glowing stick or a can of beer?  Halloween.  That’s when.  Now I just have to decide what to do this year.  Suggestions welcome in the comments.

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8. Corn Mazes and Haunted Houses – Ok this kinda goes along with Halloween, but I categorize them differently because they must be in the middle of no where and preferably on a farm which is surprisingly easy to find in Lake County.  Corn mazes are actually so fun.  Running around at night through huge stalks of corn scaring yourself silly?  So fun.  And I love haunted houses.  Which is odd because I really hate scary movies.  But there is something about being scared shitless that is just so appealing to me.  I have to give a shoutout to Phi Delt at Gettysburg because they always had a pretty great haunted house.  Like honestly, it was better than some professional haunted houses I have been to.  And the money from tickets goes to philanthropy.  Keep up the good work!  I’m also thinking I might hit up Six Flag Great America this year for Fright Fest for the first time in YEARS.  Its so close, but I never go anymore.  I should probably do that.

9. It’s Almost CHRISTMAS and MY BIRTHDAY! – Seriously, I couldn’t leave this one out! I love my birthday.  And I love Christmas.  I really just love everything about fall, but this leading up to Christmas is pretty great too!