Welp, I just finished rewatching the final season of Friday Night Lights.  And I cried.  Of course.  Because football makes me emotional and Friday Night Lights is the epitome of emotional football. If you haven’t ever watched this show let me explain.

Season One – Coach Eric Taylor becomes head coach of the Dillon Panthers.  That’s in Texas and football is God in Texas.  So there is a lot of pressure on him to win, but in his first game as head coach, Jason Street, QB 1, is paralyzed.  The rest of the season depends on QB2, a sophomore named Matt Saracen.  There is football that follows obviously, but the show also lets you look into the inner workings of a team, high school life, married life, and life in a small, Texas town.  The show follows many characters, but the Taylor family are at the center of it all.  Coach Taylor’s wife, Tammy Taylor, is a guidance counselor at Dillon High School and their daughter Julie is Matt’s love interest.  There are also other members of the football team who take on a staring role like Tim Riggins and Smash Williams.

Later on in the show, budgets get thrown around and people get reassigned and Coach Taylor is out of a job when JD McCoy’s father sabotages Coach Taylor’s position.  Coach Taylor then becomes head coach of the East Dillion Lions.  The Lion’s first season is a complete failure (2-8), but Coach Taylor being Coach Taylor (and with the help of two players, Vince Howard and Luke Cafferty) changes the team around and they….well I won’t ruin the ending for you, but its a great season.

Honestly, I don’t know what makes this show so amazing, but the characters each have so much heart and are so relateable.  No one is perfect.  Every character makes mistakes.

And as for the Panther’s motto – well, maybe its cheesy, but I feel like I can take that motto with me anywhere and use it to remind myself that you just need to clear your head every once in a while and fill your heart with hope and joy, and everything will work out in the end.

Also in case anyone is interested, the first four seasons are on Netflix instant watch…so now you have no excuse.

And I would like to give a little shoutout to Maxine and Sarah because we all cried together watching this show and I will always think of you two when I watch it.  Miss you girls!