I’m going to start something new with this blog.  I’m going to take a page out of my friend Sarah’s blog, Here, There and Everywhere and start having topics I talk about each post.  Because this is something new for me, I may change them around, I may add new ones, I may get rid of new ones, but I think this will give this blog a little more structure and consistency.  So here goes.

Turn Down that Racket:
I will admit to having a choreographed dance (or three) to this song.  But then again, who didn’t have a choreographed dance to at least one B*Witched song?  Well this song was chosen as song of the week because it was one of those weeks where you just roll with the punches.  It wasn’t a terribly rough week, but I have learned that some people, even though they are adults, can’t be trusted to remember to come to meetings, or call people they are supposed to call, or do any part of their job that they are being paid to do, and it is up to me to remind them of their responsibilities and deadlines and to constantly be checking in on them to ensure they are on schedule.  I’m not used to having to do this and it is hard, but that is what this past week has been all about.  C’est la vie! (And they do an Irish jig…)

A Picture is worth a thousand words:

My balcony

Market in Aix-en-Provence

Ok so I have two pictures this week.  I have been thinking about Aix-en-Provence a lot lately.  I lived there for five months in college and I really miss it.  I almost took this year to teach English in France, but I decided to do AmeriCorps*VISTA instead, but now I really miss France and le mistral and Le Cours Mirabeau and IAU and O’Shannons and Monoprix and the fresh markets and everything else wonderful about Aix.

Also for those who have no discovered it yet, I have a whole page of my blog devoted to my photography.  Check it out!

Looking Forward: So many exciting things are happening shortly!  My parents are in New Zealand so I can’t wait for them to get back so I can hear all about it.  My sister comes home from five months in New Zealand on Thanksgiving day.  I have two conferences for work coming up.  One is on Rural Service Learning and the other is The Poverty Matters Conference 2011 (hello two free nights at the Chula Vista Resort in the Dells for free!) November 17th marks the day Beaujolais Nouveau wine comes out this year!  Can’t wait for this one!  If you have never had Beaujolais wine, you MUST try some.   Beaujolais Nouveau is a French wine that is released on the third Tuesday of November every year.  It is huge event in France.  It is also unique in the fact that you don’t generally wait to drink Beaujolais Nouveau.  You will want to drink it before the next growing season starts in May.  It is delicious and you should try to get some come November 17th!  Want more info: Beaujolais.com

Fashion Fades, Only Style Remains: Gap was having a buy $100 worth of stuff and get $40 off today.  And I had a $50 gift card.  So obviously I had to buy some clothing. As I have previously mentioned, I love sweaters and Gap always has great sweaters.  I bought this one today:

So comfy and so preppy.  I’m in love.  Gap always has great finds.  Now I just need to find a NYE dress.  Maybe a Birthday dress too!

An Apple A Day: I discovered this great book today when I was perusing the bookshelves at Barnes and Noble.  It is “Walking Chicago – 31 Tours of the Windy City’s Classic Bars, Scandalous Sites, Historic Architecture, Dynamic Neighborhoods, and Famous Lakeshore”  I can’t wait to do some of these walks!  Maybe I’ll wait until it gets a tad warmer out, but I am a native Chicagoan and I can handle a little wind and snow!

Just can’t stop: I decided since I was way to in to The OC as a teen and thus never watched One Tree Hill that I would start.  So thanks to Netflix I am now on episode 6 of season 1.  Pretty good so far, but I don’t know if it can live up to The OC…sorry Chad Michael Murray, you are no Ryan Atwood.