Its finally that time of year again!  It’s Christmas Time!  Below follows a holiday themed blog post.

Turn Down that Racket:


Although appropriate all throughout the year, this song really makes this time of year special.  Seriously, who doesn’t know all the words?  And what better way to shout out your favorite verse than in a crowded fraternity basement jumping around with all of your friends?  I can’t think of one.  I guess FIJI deserves a little shoutout for that.

A Picture is Worth 1000 Words:

Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

61’s Ugly Christmas Sweater Party was a huge hit and if we were all still in Gettysburg, I can assure you that we would be holding another one and it would be even more epic than last years, but alas, we are not.  That being said, I’m holding my own this year.  Get psyched.

Looking Back, Looking Forward: Welp, I haven’t updated everyone in two weeks!  So sorry.  My sister is finally home from New Zealand and its so great having her back!  After she was gone for five months I kinda started to miss her.  We went on our annual Chipotle Sister Date last night.  YUM.

Work has been a tad boring lately.  With the semester dying down a lot of my work is done.  I just have some more grant proposals to work on as well as surveys to pass out to like 15 different service learning classes at Parkside.  Lovely.

Coming up on my agenda…well nothing.  I have no plans other than shopping and watching holiday movies and making holiday themed meals.

An Apple a Day: The holidays suck for staying in shape.  So this year’s goal is to not snack at parties and not neglect the elliptical even though the basement has been transformed into santa’s workshop where my mother is doing all of her christmas wrapping. Wrapping counts as working out right?  And shopping?  I did walk around the mall for a good five hours on Black Friday…

Fashion Fades, Only Style Remains:

Coconuts RhumbaBoot

Aerosoles Glamor Boots

I want them both.  I can only afford one.  Tell me which one to buy! AH!

Just Can’t Stop: Listening to Spotify.  Please download it if you haven’t.  Its wonderful.  Or at least get on Pandora.  Com’on.  Get on board with the music scene!

In the Kitchen: Every year my mom makes “the smelly holiday stuff.”  This is a wonderful tradition in the MacNair household.  All you do is get a huge pot of water, cut up some oranges and apples, add some full cloves and cinnamon sticks, and bring to a simmer.  You can keep this going for weeks at a time.  You just have to make sure you keep adding water when it gets low or you will ruin your pot.  Its a delicious smell that always reminds me of Christmas and the holidays!