Turn Down that Racket:

Frank Sinatra is one sexy man. And he is such a crooner. I love him.  And this is one of his best Christmas songs.  But really, the man can do no wrong.  Sigh.

A Picture is Worth 1000 Words:

How great is this?  I have decided to read at least one book a month.  I used to read all the time, but have somehow gotten so out of the habit.  I’m halfway through Devil in the White City by Erik Larson.  Its about the Chicago World’s Fair in 1893 and the men who built it.  But also about the cunning serial killer who used the fair to lure his victims to their death. Highly recommended.

Looking Back, Looking Forward: Welp, my birthday’s tomorrow.  So that’s exciting!  Nothing too exciting going on for that.  And then its Christmas.  For once, its a nice, quiet, family christmas at home.  I’m very excited.

And while it’s been a while since I blogged, nothing has really happened of note.  Grant proposals and the end of a semester.  Busy busy but with nothing.  Hm, sounds a lot like college.

OH and I have so far been accepted to three law schools!  WOO!  John Marshall, New England School of Law, and Suffolk University all want me.  Thank god I’m going somewhere!  But I’m still waiting to hear back from 6 more schools. Won’t hear back for a while.  Yuck.

An Apple A Day: The holidays are TERRIBLE for not wanting to snack or to eat sweets. Can’t wait for them to be over so I can stop being tempted by brownies, and kringle, (I’ve learned that O and H is the BEST kringle supplier in Southeast Wisconsin) and cookies, and eggnog, and everything else that is delicious this time of year.

Fashion Fades, Only Style Remains: Gossip Girl on Acid. I saw this and died.  I want to dress like this.  I try to incorporate a lot of these ideas in to my but as to how much actually happens…well it depends on if I’m running late for work or not.  Mostly I am.  The author talks about lots of ways to dress like Gossip Girl but my favorite is “Collect cashmere cardigans in every hue & length: minty green, royal blue, amethyst, fuchsia.” Girlfriend knows me so well.  I love cardigans. 

I want them all.  J Crew and Gap have great selections for cardigans.

Just Can’t Stop: Thinking about the homeless.  I am a member of the Homeless Assistance Coalition Continum of Care of Racine County, WI and we obviously discuss homelessness a lot.  It is a coalition of all of the agencies in Racine County that serve homeless populations in one capacity or another.  Some of these include HALO, Racine Kenosha Community Action Agency, and Legal Action of Wisconsin.  Very interesting organizations all of them and all serve very different purposes.  Its been a real pleasure working with them.  I also found a very interesting article in the Chicago Tribune today.  This guy has started to make white signs with “Homeless.” or “Please Help” written on them in black to hand out to homeless people panhandling on the streets of Chicago.  His point is that people have become so immune to seeing someone sit in tattered clothes on the side of the street and they don’t even think about it anymore, so hopefully these signs will help bring the homeless back into the picture and more people will start to care.

Especially with the nights getting longer and colder.  Tomorrow night (December 21) is known in the homeless world as “Longest Night” because it is the shortest day/longest night of the year.  There are memorials held all over the country for people who have died without a shelter to live in.  If you can find one in your area, I would encourage you to attend.  You can also read the blog of the guy who is handing out these signs here: Homeless Signs.

In the Kitchen: Oh geez.  There are so many good recipes for this time of year.  But I did stumble upon a great little recipe for Woodchuck Draft Cider Sorbet. Uh YUM.  I love Woodchuck and sorbet is just so delicious.  I can’t wait to try it! Its also super easy (which is a necessity for me…)