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Turn Down That Racket:

Top 25 Songs of 2011 all in one song.  Yes please.

A Picture is Worth 1000 Words:

I want to take more photos.  Not just photos of my friends when we are wasted at a bar, but actual photographs.  I have a very nice camera and want to become more sophisticated with it.  Last January I went to Paris with my family and took some great photographs.  Here is one example of the Louvre:

Looking Back, Looking Forward:

Well isn’t this what today is all about?  Looking back on the past year and looking forward to the upcoming year.  Well 2011 was a pretty damn good year.  Second semester senior year, Myrtle Beach, graduation, a great summer, AmeriCorps, getting in to law school.  It was just wonderful!  Of course not everything was good.  I lost my Poppa in February.  For Christmas my Aunt made a quilt out of all of his plaid shirts for my Nanna. (Pictured below)

2012 promises to be a good year as well.  New Years Eve started it off right.  Navy Pier’s Crystal Gardens was a huge success!  Open bar for 5 hours with top shelf liquor and appetizers and party favors.  A great little dance floor and good friends.  Definitely the way to start the year off.

I’m also looking forward to 2012 because I’m making a difference in Southeast Wisconsin through AmeriCorps*VISTA and hope to see more results by the time my year of service is done.  I will also be starting Law School in the fall.  Don’t know where yet, but either way, I’m going to law school!

I’ve also decided that I am going to read more.  I used to read all the time.  When my sister and I were kids, our babysitter during the summer would ask us what we wanted to do and I was that kid that always wanted to go to the library.  #nerdalert But seriously, I really enjoy books, but I just never had time in college so now that I do have time, I am going to read at least a book a month.

An Apple A Day:

Another New Year’s resolution this year is to get back in shape like I was in high school.  I played three sports in high school and was always in season or pre-season or summer training.  I miss that.  So my coworker and I are going to go to Zumba twice a week and kickboxing twice a week after work.  After that I will also do some weights and more cardio.  I’m also going to not eat out as much because its unhealthy and its expensive.  Killing two birds with one stone works well for me!

Fashion Fades, Only Style Remains:

Alright, different from my average fashion posts, but this was one of my favorite Christmas presents.  A Devin Hester jersey.  I am currently wearing it and will wear it for every Bears game I watch or don’t watch.

But in other fashion thoughts, I am very much looking forward to the new spring lines coming out soon!  I can’t wait to see the new styles that people come up with.  Will it be florals?  Or leather?  Or flowy? Its just so exciting this time of year!  And because it is now January it now means that it is not much longer until sundresses are again appropriate!  I love spring weather and spring clothing.  I’m ready for winter to be done…even though it has hardly started.  We finally had a hint of snow today.  Com’on.  I need a little more than a sprinkle of snow!  This is Chicago!!!

Just Can’t Stop:

Being sad about the Bear’s lost season.  We were SO good.  Playoff worthy.  But then Jay had to go and get himself hurt.  Thanks.  Then Forte was injured too.  And then the next player and the next.  I just want a winning Chicago team again.  Maybe the Bulls will be worth it because god knows the Cubs aren’t going anywhere this year.  But to be honest…I just don’t care about the NBA like I used to.  I miss Michael Jordan and the three-peat repeat.  That’s when the NBA was at its prime.  My father was watching ESPN classic the other day and the Bulls playoff game from 1993 against the Suns was on.  This is the game where Number 23 scored 55 points in one game.  Dayum.  I miss that.  Come back Michael!

In the Kitchen:

While I could never be a vegetarian, I would like to try to eat less red meat in 2012 because it is healthier for me.  So I’m going to try to eat more fish and chicken and turkey instead.  Good thing there is so much you can do with chicken!

But I’ve also decided that I want to try lots of fun new drinks this year.  Here is a recipe for one that is great for parties.  I call it Skippies.  People have lots of different names for it.

• 24-pack of Natty Ice
• One handle of Vodka
• 4 containers frozen pink lemonade concentrate

Mix it all together in a large container and add some ice.

Another tip for large containers of juice for parties: if there is ice in the drink, throw a solo cup with holes punched all around the bottom in the container.  This way you can fill that cup up with and let it drain into your cup without worrying about getting all ice in your drink.  Yes, Gettysburgians know how to drink well.