Turn Down That Racket:

Throwback for my Gettysburg girls.  One night included some wings, Sparks Fly, Flying Bull, and pool with some townies.  And a dinosar hat. Miss those days.

A Picture is Worth 1000 Words:

Take me back. Tu me manques.

Looking Back, Looking Forward:

I got to see two wonderful people this past weekend.  Elly and Sam were both in Chicago for the weekend.  Thank goodness.  It had been far too long since I had raged Gettysburg-style.  Thanks for that girls.  We consumed far too much alcohol in far too little time and then listened to music and played “The Game” before heading to the bars in Wrigleyville.  (hands-up if you have played “The Game” and have cards to add) Thank goodness for Connor’s amazing apartment location.  Look at everything its close to: Wrigleyville Bars

This next week, my boss is gone most of the week which leaves me in charge of getting things ready for the semester to start with the service learning classes.  I have meetings, webinars, and breakfasts all week.  At least I will get some free meals out of it!  I also have to write my quarterly report.  Ugh.  Kill me. That’s not my favorite thing to do.  My sister is also leaving me next weekend to go back to school.  I’ll be all alone at home again.

An Apple A Day:

New Years Resolution is still in effect.  I had a nice run on the elliptical today and a good abs workout.  If anyone knows of a good arm workout please direct me to it.  Or more entertaining abs. And legs. Or really anything to keep me motivated.

My coworker and friend, Lauren and I are coming up with a contract tomorrow (practicing our lawyering skillz) which will hold each of us to our workout schedules and eating habits.  We are also going to try to incorporate moving into our daily work routine.  Wall sits every other hour, walk twice around the building every other hour, walk around the office every 30 mins, etc.  I really hate just sitting all day.  Its not fun and its not good for you.  So I’m going to try to incorporate more movement into my everyday life.

Fashion Fades, Only Style Remains:

Shoes.  Can you ever have enough?  I just love shoes.  My sister bought me a pair of great canvas sneakers from New Zealand for Christmas.  I love them!  They are similar to this: Except mine are gray.  Tres mignon.

I also have a new pair of gray boots.  They are so much fun! And they look great with jeans.

My brown heeled boots also look great with my blue cords for work.  A great way to change up my outfit for work.  Doesn’t it get boring sometimes dressing up for work?  I wear business casual which means I can’t wear a skirt everyday but I can’t wear jeans either so I have this awkward in between.  I don’t know.  I’m not good at it.  I’d rather be nicely dressed or wearing jeans.  I don’t like the in between.

Just Can’t Stop:

I know I have discussed it before, but Friday Night Lights.  Com’on people.  If you haven’t started watching this show yet, you must.  I’m currently sitting here with my father watching an episode now.  Here’s the link to FNL on Hulu , Netflix , and NBC so you can start watching right now.

And now with NFL playoffs happening, football is everywhere.  I miss the Bears, but at least the Lions lost.  For the rest of the season, I’m a Saints fan.  Who Dat?

In The Kitchen:

Funfetti Cupcakes – Funfetti cupcakes bring back memories of girl’s nights in high school.  My friends and I would get together once a winter and once a summer to have a girl’s sleepover.  It was really cheesy and fun.  We always made funfetti cupcakes and mac and cheese.  It was so fun!  So I’m going to make these cupcakes.

I also found a great recipe for stuffed potobello mushrooms with spinach and goat cheese .  That sounds delicious!  I’m going to make them this week sometime!  And mushrooms and spinach?  So good for you.  Maybe I’ll substitute the goat cheese for feta because its actually much better for you than most cheeses!  Or maybe I’ll just stick with goat cheese because its SO good!

Next week I will discuss my favorite cheeses.  And yes, most of them are French, not from Wisconsin.