Just going to start this off by saying…I really don’t care about the Super Bowl this year. I don’t care about the Giants, I don’t care about the Patriots…I miss the Bears. But, seeing as it is the “biggest” football game of the year, I suppose I have to pick one.  So go Patriots?

Turn Down that Racket:

Has anyone else noticed that there have not been any new songs on the radio in like 3 months?  I’m so sick of the radio thus am boycotting finding a new song for this week.

A Picture Is Worth 1000 Words:

I have an itching to go back to France.  Or really anywhere.  Its been over a year since I left the country and I want to travel somewhere!

Looking Back, Looking Forward:

The past few weeks have flown by!  Work has been good.  We had a site visit from our state office and it went really well!  I’m going to start concentrating on trying to get a Campus Kitchens started at UW-Parkside and I’m very excited about it!  I did some work at Gettysburg’s Campus Kitchen and really enjoyed it.  And it fits in very nicely with my goal of more awareness of health and healthy lifestyles in the community!

Coming up this week…JURY DUTY.  I may be the only person who’s actually excited about this, but I really am!  I want to get picked so badly!  I think it would be a really cool experience!  And it means I don’t have to drive all the way to Wisconsin for a week, which is great!  Plus how cool of an experience for a future law student would it be to see how this all works?  I’m such a law nerd, but I love it.

An Apple A Day:

Wii Fit.  Bought.  Its gonna happen this week.  Also, I bought a membership to the Y and that means I can go to the Kenosha Y with coworkers or the Racine Y if I want to or I can go just down the street to my own Lake County Y and work out there.  So much easier than trying to run on the elliptical in our basement that is currently engulfed by furniture and trinkets from my grandparent’s house.

Also, two of my coworkers and I started to make a list of the best songs to workout to.  Its been fun.  I discovered this list as well: 100 Best Workout Songs (Yes, I know its from Men’s Health, but its what popped up when I was looking for a list and its a good list!)

Stumble Upon is a beautiful thing.  I found this great list of snacks under 100 calories that I can bring to work with me for those 10:30am cravings or those afternoon hunger pains.

Fashion Fades, Only Style Remains:

Ok this season’s style of big block colors?  Woof.  Not cute.

Its just not appealing!  Its not flattering and the colors are ugly together.

But i do need to start thinking about a dress for Brittany’s wedding in July…I know its far away, but I’m just so excited! And I loveeee one shoulder dresses.  Like this one:

Just Can’t Stop:

I found this map when I was stumbling around the internet: Radical Cartography.  Its a really interesting map of racial boundaries in Chicago and how they don’t always line up with the neighborhoods.  I think there are similar maps for Boston and NY and others.  Interesting stuff.  This article accompanies the map quite well: How Segregated is Your City?

Also can’t stop watching Downton Abbey.  Seriously obsessed.  Go watch it on netflix or PBS now.

In the Kitchen:

So we have a potluck coming up at work and I wanted to bring something heathy but delicious so I settled on my mother’s amazing eggplant dip and this edamame dip.

The eggplant dip is very easy.  All you do is roast some eggplant, peppers (green, red, whatever), onion, and garlic then puree it together with some olive oil, salt, pepper, and tomato paste.  Use some pita chips or your favorite cracker and enjoy!