This post is dedicated to the trashiest show on television outside of Jersey Shore.  And that show is ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars, affectionately known as Dirty Little Sluts by my friends and me.

Seriously, PLL/DLS is such a trashy show, but I can’t get enough of it.  Basically, four friends, Aria, Hannah, Emily, and Spencer reunite a year after their best friends Allison goes missing.  The first episode ends with Allison’s body being found and her funeral.  As the four girls are leaving the funeral, they each get a text from a blocked number about a secret in their lives.  Each text is signed “A”

The girls spend the next two seasons being tormented by A and being forced to deal with their secrets and trying to not let anyone else know their secrets.  They are also trying to find out who killed Allison.  And who A is.

Well, tonight we find out who A is.

I have my own theories. I suspect it is either Jenna, Melissa, or Mona.  We’ll see whose right!

I leave you with this quote from Doctor Suess.